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Koshys Institute of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, a reputed Health Care Institute established in the year 2003, as an educational vision of Mr. C. Koshy, who had an empathetic commitment to provide the best training opportunities in Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. Since its inception, the institute undertook various initiatives to establish and execute various nursing programs as per the needs and challenges of the health care industry. Over the years, KIHS gained recognition as one of the best nursing colleges in Karnataka.

With the increasing demand, the college undertook expansion in the year 2020, and was renamed as “Koshys Institute of Health Sciences” with addition of two colleges,.

1. Koshys Institute of Allied Health Sciences

2. Bangalore Little Flower College of Nursing

At KIHS, our goal is to inspire a highly capable, talented, and diverse student body to become educated citizens of the world. What we do at our core is teach and create knowledge in the Nursing and Health Sciences division– exposing students to the large range of learning experiences that gives them a diverse and complex environment to learn and engage in research that prepares them broadly for life after college.

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It is avant-garde infrastructure, with holistic education and exceptional academics. The college offers clinical exposure, health science and more for its students.

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Every accomplishment starts with a decision to ATTEMPT, we aim to coach nurses to be compassionate and competent. Here’s your juncture to begin your career with our Institution.

Allied Health profession is a well-defined group of health professionals who apply their expertise to prevent disease and promote health. Allied health sciences deal with all kind of diagnostic techniques which are being used in medical sector.

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COVID-19 safety at Koshys

The essence of safety is to live healthy!
This year we’ve got the novel coronavirus to worry about on top of every other campus safety consideration.
Follow the COVID-19 rules and save your future. Use necessary safety tools, don’t be fooled!
It is good to wear a mask than a Ventilator. Vaccinate protect yourself and others. We are vaccinated, are You?