Campus Life

A 7-acre campus with around 1500 students present during 'learning' hours, Koshys Business School is pro-education premise, with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes strictly banned in campus.

  • International Students Association

    International Students Association

    Owing to the fact that Koshys Business School has a large number of international students studying in the college, the International Students Association exists to ensure that their best interests are unfailingly met and safeguarded.

  • Pop Up Ventures

    Pop Up Ventures

    Great business ideas need great spaces. Helping our students think out of the box and beyond it, our 'Idea Pit' is the college's Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDP), where the best of business plans are born and nurtured.

  • Anti-Ragging Cell

    Anti-Ragging Cell

    Ragging is an act that we as a body of educators and students have zero-tolerance for. Echoing this is our anti-ragging cell was established for the purpose of looking into and eliminating all forms of ragging in campus.

Event Calendar

Our college is almost always buzzing with activity. Find our event calendar here:


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